Best Price Guarantee

Still using Vroom to find a cheaper car rental service? Now you don’t have to!

Aucar is providing customers great services with a
Best Price Guarantee

If you happen to find a cheaper advertised price from any other car rental service provider in Melbourne–we will not only match it, we’ll beat it by 10%!

Start your trip with Aucar’s best price guarantee service today!


How do I redeem my 10% reduction?

You can redeem the Best Price Guarantee by visiting Aucar stores and showing us the photo or the web link to the cheaper advertised price of other car rental service provider, and you can also E-mail or text us the photo or web link as well!

What vehicles does the 5% reduction apply to?

The best price guarantee service only applies to cars, SUVs, 7-11 seats people movers.

What vehicles are excluded from the Best Price Guarantee?

People movers over 11 seats and all the commercial vehicles are excluded from the Best Price Guarantee.

What are the terms and conditions of Best Price Guarantee?

To apply with the best price guarantee deal, three conditions of service have to be same with other car rental service provider with a cheaper price: Same rental area, the same type of vehicles and same rental date and time.

*Aucar reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions without notifying the public.